19 Nov 2023

Making Emacs without terminal emulator a little more usable

After reading Andrey Listopadov's You don't need a terminal emulator (mentioned at Irreal too) I decided to give up on using Emacs as a terminal for my shell. In my experience Emacs simply isn't a very good terminal to run a shell in anyway. I removed the almost completely unused shell-pop from my configuration and the keybinding with a binding to async-shell-command. I'm keeping terminal-here in my config for the time being though.

I realised projectile didn't have a function for running it in the root of a project, so I wrote one heavily based on project-async-shell-command.

(defun mep-projectile-async-shell-command ()
  "Run `async-shell-command' in the current project's root directory."
  (declare (interactive-only async-shell-command))
  (let ((default-directory (projectile-project-root)))
    (call-interactively #'async-shell-command)))

I quickly found that the completion offered by Emacs for shell-command and async-shell-command is far from as sophisticated as what I'm used to from Z shell. After a bit of searching I found emacs-bash-completion. Bash isn't my shell of choice, partly because I've found the completion to not be as good as in Z shell, but it's an improvement over what stock Emacs offers. The instructions in the repo was good, but had to be adjusted slightly:

(use-package bash-completion
  :straight (:host github
             :repo "szermatt/emacs-bash-completion")
  (add-hook 'shell-dynamic-complete-functions 'bash-completion-dynamic-complete))

I just wish I'll find a package offering completions reaching Z shell levels.

Tags: emacs
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