16 Sep 2023

Setting up emacs-openai/chatgpt

Yesterday I decided to try to make more use of the ChatGPT account I have. What prompted it mostly was that I recalled that my employer has a paid subscription and that if we use it enough they'll get us access to ChatGPT4.

After a bit of research1 I decided to start with emacs-open/chatgpg. However, as I found the instructions slightly lacking I'm sharing my setup.

The instructions for straight.el fail to mention that one needs the openai package too.

(use-package openai
  :straight (openai :type git :host github :repo "emacs-openai/openai"))

The complete declaration for use-package ended up looking like this:

(use-package chatgpt
  :straight (chatgpt :type git :host github :repo "emacs-openai/chatgpt")
  :requires openai
  (setq openai-key #'openai-key-auth-source))

Oh, and don't forget to put an entry into `~/.authinfo.gpg`. Something like this should do it

machine api.openai.com login <anything> password <your key>



I found Alex Kehayias' note to be a good starting point.

Tags: emacs openai chatgpt
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