08 Dec 2021

Magit/forge and self-hosted GitLab

As I found the documentation for adding a self-hosted instance of GitLab to to magit/forge a bit difficult, I thought I'd write a note for my future self (and anyone else who might find it useful).

First put the following in `~/.gitconfig`

[gitlab "gitlab.private.com/api/v4"]
  user = my.username

Then create an access token on GitLab. I ticked api and write_repository, which seems to work fine so far. Put the token in ~/.authinfo.gpg

machine gitlab.private.com/api/v4 login my.user^forge password <token>

(Remember that a newline is needed at the end of the file.)

Finally, add the GitLab instance to 'forge-alist

 '(("gitlab.private.com" "gitlab.private.com/api/v4" "gitlab.private.com" forge-gitlab-repository)
   ("github.com" "api.github.com" "github.com" forge-github-repository)
   ("gitlab.com" "gitlab.com/api/v4" "gitlab.com" forge-gitlab-repository))

That's it!

Tags: emacs git magit