15 Sep 2019

Nested tmux

I've finally gotten around to sorting out running nested tmux instances. I found the base for the configuration in the article Tmux in practice: local and nested remote tmux sessions, which links a few other related resources.

What I ended up with was this:

# Toggle tmux keybindings on/off, for use with inner tmux
# https://is.gd/slxE45
bind -T root F12  \
  set prefix None \;\
  set key-table off \;\
  set status-left "#[fg=black,bg=blue,bold] OFF " \;\
  refresh-client -S

bind -T off F12 \
  set -u prefix \;\
  set -u key-table \;\
  set -u status-left \;\
  refresh-client -S

It's slightly simpler than what's in the article above, but it works and it fits rather nicely with the nord theme.

Tags: tmux