Dipping toes into CSS, normalizing

The site doesn’t look that good. Actually it is pathetically simple. I’m however not that good at CSS, I also don’t really have a good sense of design, so making it look good is going to be an up-hill battle. The first step is easy though, add a standard CSS file to normalize the look.


I grabbed normalize.css from the web site.

Template changes

Well, obviously the CSS has to be pulled into the web pages. The full webpages are provided by templates/default.html and the line that needs adding is

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/css/normalize.css" />

Of course it goes into the <head> section of the file.

Code changes

The changes to the build script are equally straight forward.

    match "css/*" $ do
        route idRoute
        compile copyFileCompiler

I opted to just copy the file rather than compress it usign compressCssCompiler. I don’t think the speedup is really worth it, and I personally find it very handy to be able to read the CSS files on sites that I think look nice. Of course I need to enable others to do the same.

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