Adding a feed

A blog isn’t complete without a feed, so that was the first thing to add. Luckily there’s a good tutorial on adding a feed in Hakyll. The following code snippets are basically just copied from that tutorial.

I’ve also decided to start publishing the result; it’s available on my github pages.

RSS or atom?

I decided to use atom since it’s a standard. Yeah, not more to write about that I suppose.

Code changes

The first thing to do was to add a feed configuration. It’s a simple adaption on what’s found in the tutorial.

Then the build logic has to be extended with a rule for making atom.xml. This is also a straight forward adaptation of the information found in the tutorial.

Once again the snapshot of the posts comes in handy. Since the old WordPress site limited the feed to the 50 latest posts I decided to do that in the new one too. Maybe it’s a bit excessive, 10-20 ought to be enough, but I’ll leave it for now. The feed-specific context is a little nice details, also from the tutorial. The feed builder requires the presence of a description for each post, but to avoid having to remember to add one to all posts I just add a description field containing the body of the post.

The generated feed is available at ./atom.xml

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