Compiling U-Boot for use in QEMU (VersatilePB)

Since I’m now working a bit with embedded systems I thought I’d take a look at compiling for one of the ARM-based machines that QEMU supports. I settled for VersatilePB after finding this old-ish article. Rather optimistically I thought that maybe, just maybe things had change in a year and that the limitation of flash was removed. How wrong I was.

I did find an easier way to get it working, though with the limitation that Linux has to be started via tftpboot or some other network-based fashion. The patch looks like this:

--- u-boot.orig/src/u-boot-2011.12/include/configs/versatile.h
+++ u-boot/src/u-boot-2011.12/include/configs/versatile.h
@@ -31,6 +31,8 @@
 #ifndef __CONFIG_H
 #define __CONFIG_H
  * High Level Configuration Options
  * (easy to change)

Then just go ahead and modify the default boot argument (CONFIG_BOOTARGS in the same file) to your hearts content to minimise the amount of manual work for booting.

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