LXDE and xmonad

A few days ago I create the page on LXDE and Xmonad on the Xmonad area of the Haskell Wiki. It’s very short, mainly due to it being very simple to set it up. My config is a bit bare-bones at the moment though and I’m sure others have more to contribute.

And yes! This means I’ve left the Gnome camp. Quite possibly for good.


learn to use past tense: s/create/created/


@Otto, your comment cracked me up, so I just had to send a thank-you email:

Dear Mr Kranz,

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback on my most recent blog entry . I do understand why you use a spam protection service such as mailmetrash.com, since you must receive an absolute deluge of thank-you emails for your tireless effort in improving the writing on the internet.

I do hope you are considering joining the grammar police. If you are in need of a reference for your application then I’ll be happy to help out in any way I can.

Yours sincerely, /M


Thank you for setting up that page!

Was there any ‘import’ line necessary to get it to work? I tried that setup and ghc replied by an error on desktopConfig being undefined…



I’m glad that little page still is being useful. Yes, most likely there is at least on import line necessary. Probably it’s XMonad.Config.Desktop, but since I’m not using XMonad myself any longer you are better off asking someone else if I’m wrong on this.

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