Good online stores for yoga equipment

The condensed version: I’ve found both YogaStudio and Yoga United to be excellent online stores for yoga equipment.

Longer version

About a month ago I decided to finally invest in a yoga mat. After a bit of research I found the prAna Revolution, it’s an extra wide, extra long mat made of natural rubber. I decided to order it from YogaStudio. It was completely eventless and slightly quicker than I expected. So two big thumbs up for YogaStudio.

After receiving the mat I realised I really would need a bag for it. I found it very difficult to find a bag that would fit my slightly over-sized mat. Finally I stumbled on Yoga United, who had a good price on an extra long bag made out of cotton. They also delivered quicker than expected, unfortunately they didn’t ship the one I actually ordered. What I got was the smaller size bag, too small for my mat, but it fit my wife’s mat perfectly and she wanted to keep it. Instead of the hazzle of sending it back I agreed with the lady at Yoga United that it would be simpler for them to just let me order another extra long bag and let me keep the one I had. The second bag arrived the next day. Again brilliant service.

Finally, I can really recommend the mat I bought. Yes, it’s pricy, but so far I’ve found it to be brilliant. The bag, you ask. Well, the mat doesn’t really want to stay rolled up, if I put it that way. Also, cotton isn’t a material that natural rubber slides easily on. It isn’t that hard to get the mat into the bag, but it helps to be patient :-)

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