Updating Haskell packages on Arch

A few days ago I noticed that there were a few Haskell packages on AUR that had received updates. This was the excuse I had been waiting for to address the second part of keeping my Haskell packages up-to-date (I’ve written about the first part before, dealing with an update to GHC).

It’s easy to find the packages with available updates:

% yaourt -Su --aur

Unfortunately it isn’t as easy as just updating the listed packages. Any package that depends on an updated package really should be re-compiled and re-installed to guarantee that the entire system behaves as expected after the upgrade. Of course pacman can handle it:

% pacman -Rcn <all pkgs with updates>

This will list all packages that will be removed. After removing them all, they can all be re-installed. That is of course not quite as nice as it could be, since they all then will be explicitly installed, it would be nicer to just re-install the “top-level packages”. This is one way to achieve this.

I did a bit of refactoring and put the Arch-related functions from the previous post in their own module, Arch. Then I added a function that takes a package and recursively inspects Required By until a “top-level package” (i.e. a package that doesn’t require any other package) is reached:

getTopRequiredBy pkg = let
        tops = do
            first <- getRequiredBy pkg
            if null first
                then return [pkg]
                else liftM concat $ mapM getTopRequiredBy first
    in liftM nub tops

After that it’s straight forward to write up a little tool which offers some advice on what to do:

main = do
    pkgsToUpgrade <- getArgs
    pkgsToReinstall <- liftM (nub . concat) $ mapM Arch.getTopRequiredBy pkgsToUpgrade
    putStrLn $ "To remove     : pacman -Rnc " ++ unwords pkgsToUpgrade
    putStrLn $ "To re-install : yaourt -S " ++ unwords pkgsToReinstall

Using it on the packages I wanted to upgrade gave the following output:

% runhaskell PkgUpgrade.hs haskell-{configfile,haxml,json,missingh,safe,testpack,time}
To remove     : pacman -Rnc haskell-configfile haskell-haxml haskell-json haskell-missingh haskell-safe haskell-testpack haskell-time
To re-install : yaourt -S haskell-configfile haskell-haxml haskell-json haskell-hsh haskell-safe

Following that advice seemed to work just like I intended.


Can this be used to update other packages from AUR or is this not necessary? I’ve been doing

yaourt -Syu

Could you post the complete PkgUpgrade.hs? I’m not familiar with Haskell but would like to use this utility. Thanks.


@David, this is not necessary for other packages in AUR, only for Haskell packages compiled with GHC.

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