Making a choice from a list in Haskell, Vty (part 5, the last one)

The time has come for the final installment of this series of “discussions of a refactoring”. These are the earlier installments. This is where I finally add the ability to collapse a list item. This is a rather terse description of the changes, since I feel all of them are fairly obvious, and hence require no lengthy explanation.

First the Option type has to be changed to keep track of whether an item is collapsed or not:

Next the rendering of an item has to be changed, so that collapsed items really appear collapsed. I thought displaying a collapsed item as its first line, with “…” added to the end would be acceptable for a first version:

Later on I’ll need to update the range of an item. For the forgetful, the range of an item is the starting and ending line. Obviously the range changes when an item is collapsed:

The implementation of optionsIsInRange has to change due to adding the optionCollapsed field. It’ll also be useful to have a few functions for manipulating the collapsed state of an item:

One thing that I didn’t think about until after doing some manual testing was that moving the cursor up in the list should always put the cursor on the line above, even when moving from one item to the previous. This was a bug in the previous version :-)

I also have to change ozCursorMod due to adding the new field:

It turns out the be useful to be able to jump to the top and bottom of an item (there’s already an example of the latter above):

Creating the list of items need a slight modification as well:

The last change is adding actually collapsing of an item in the UI controller code:

That’s it.

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