Struggling with "the Arch way"

So, I’m struggling somewhat with the move to Arch. Not that Arch is problematic in any way, it seems to be me and my “debianised thinking”.

I noticed that the Vim plugins that were packaged for Arch all install in system directories and hence are imposed on all users. Not a good thing. So, inspired by Debian’s vim-addons-manager, I hacked up a solution relying on pacman. Then I packaged two Vim plugins for Arch. The idea was to do rather than talk, so it wasn’t until after this that I asked for feedback on aur-general. Just to have the idea shot down :-)

Anyway, after being presented with an existing solution more inline with “the Arch way” I decided to try it out. I’ve now subscribed to using GetLatestVimScripts. Brilliant.

Now I need to convince the author of haskellmode to put it on and I really ought to get my packages off AUR.

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