Ubuntu - now found in the UK too

It’s strange but Ubuntu cola seems to be more mainstream in Sweden than in the UK. My brother found it in downtown Gothenburg, in a branch of a major chain of grocery stores. On the other hand, I haven’t seen it anywhere in the UK until yesterday. I found it in a fairtrade store in a tiny village outside Cambridge. A little strange since Ubuntu Trading is a UK company.

Ubuntu cola


Fairtrade vending machines are full of the stuff. Tastes foul.


I’ve now also seen it at 7-11 at Frölunda torg. That’s very mainstream. :-)


@fophillips, I don’t even know what a “fairtrade vending machine” is :-) Personally I thought Ubuntu cola was all right, not quite as good as my favourite kind of cola, but that was expected.


You are right in thinking Ubuntu is more mainstream in Sweden that the UK. Perhaps it is because there is a stronger Fairtrade movement in Scandinavia - what do you think?

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