Book: Lighttpd

As I mentioned in the previous post I received an email pointing me towards a newly released book on lighttpd. Only one chapter is available free of charge so that and the table of contents is all I can comment on at this point.

Let’s start with the table of contents. To be honest I found it very disappointing, there were so many other chapters that I would have found much more interesting than chapter 10. Given that I’ve never really gotten into Apache to begin with I would much rather have read about advanced configuration (chapters 2 and 3), or CGI (chapters 3 and 11), or maybe most about securing lighttpd, both securing what it serves (through SSL, chapter 6) and by reducing privileges (chapter 8). Yes, for me personally they’ve chosen the least interesting chapter to make available free of charge ;-)

So, what do I think about chapter 10 then? Overall I’m happy with it. In a book like this, one that covers usage of a specific piece of software, I’m happy to find text that is clear and simple to understand. It isn’t very deep in concepts and details, but there are links to places where I can find out more if I need it. I’m not familiar enough with lighttpd to judge whether the details are correct, but I assume they are, and as I already mentioned it isn’t a complete reference, but offers links to where the reader can find more details. One thing that did upset me a little is the presence of rather lengthy pieces of Python scripts to aid in the converting some of the Apache configuration to lighttpd. Though I suppose they fit in I’d rather have seen them made available only online, with just the descriptions and usage in the book. I couldn’t help but feel they were there only to increase the page count.

Anyway, what I’ve seen so far makes me want to read the rest of the book. As I’ve made clear I’m not a serious user of lighttpd, but it is the web server I reach for first when I find myself needing one. I think this book will make me a more efficient user of lighttpd.

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