A first for me...

I’ve read quite a few articles about the changing landscape of marketing, how regular ads and old-style marketing is no longer trusted. I suppose companies have over-promised and under-delivered for too long. Instead PR firms are adding blogging into the mix, which probably means blogs will be ruined in the long run ;-) For now though blogs are still trusted, especially when it’s regular people who write about products.

So, why this post? Well, it seems the few posts I’ve made here on lighttpd seems to have attracted some minimal attention and I received an email regarding a new book on lighttpd, published by Packt publishing. This despite the fact that I am what can only be called a cursory user of lighttpd. It contained a link to a gratuitous chapter so I decided to play along and publicly comment on the chapter. If you don’t like this kind of thing then you should skip the next post.

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