Rubber and lhs?

Another dear lazyweb post.

Yesterday night I hacked up a silly little tool for use at work. Nothing spectacular ((I’ll post the source here shortly.)) but I thought I’d try this Literate Haskell thing. I decided to go the LaTeX route and created a .lhs file. To my amazement rubber has a module for handling Literate Haskell, unfortunately it passes everything ending in .lhs through lhs2Tex. I didn’t really want to use lhs2Tex ((I’ll probably have a closer look at it later but for now I wanted to keep things as easy as possible.)) but I haven’t been able to find any way of changing rubber’s behaviour through its command line arguments. What I’d like is a way to disable a module for a single invocation. So, dear lazyweb, is there a way to do this from the command line?

So far I’ve worked around this by creating a symbolic link named MyTool.tex that points to the Haskell source, then I run rubber on the link. Not to much of a hazzle, but it’d be nicer to pass an argument to rubber.

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