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I just began listening to episode 95 of pauldotcom and was glad to hear that they enjoyed my email. Here’s the complete email I sent them:

Well, something must have changed since I last communicated with you (see I’m not sure what though. I heard you when you were on the Linux Reality audio cast and thought I’d check you out again, just to see what you were up to. Well, episode 92 (both parts) was bloody brilliant, episode 93 was good too, and now I’m halfway into episode 94. I have no recollection of the earlier episodes being this organised and good. At some point when I wasn’t listening you must have learnt to rock!

I enjoy the tech segment. The amount of banter is down and the episodes move along a lot more than I remember. No offence to Twitchy, but I’m not sad he isn’t as involved any more, you know, Kramer is brilliant but Seinfeld just wouldn’t be a good show if he were in each and every scene. Twitchy has more of a “celebrity guest” personality… The only criticism I have, and this is pushing it I know; given my walk to work I’d prefer each episode to be around 60 minutes, rather than 80-90 ;-)

Keep it up!


PS I’m planning on posting this email on my blog. I’ll put any reply from you on there as well.

Reading my email on the show sure beats any reply they could have sent by email :-) At some point I have to go back and check out the other podcast I stopped listening to


I found this via linux reality. I have to say, Twitchy was what helped make the podcast even better. The banter made the show unique and better than all the rest and people like Twitchy were a great compliment to Paul and Larry not to mention they all had great, in-depth knowledge. Twitchy wasn’t merely a celebrity guest but he knew his stuff just like the rest of the team. They also all specialized in different areas which made it even better.

The show has changed since the departure however I still listen as it is still very entertaining to me and the core of the show has not changed.

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