Yes, I think there’s an opening for an email client, it doesn’t have to be written in Haskell of course, but if I ever get my arse into gear it will be. Especially now that mutt-ng seems to have stalled in development, and even though mutt still is being developed I’ve gotten too spoilt by using mutt-ng exclusively for the last year or so. I’ve looked extensively at sup and it’s sweet, but due to some recent changes in what kind of machines I have access to on the web it doesn’t quite fit me anymore.

What would my ideal email client look like?

  • GMail as backend, accessed through Python’s libgmail. Hopefully it won’t be too difficult to write a Haskell module to deliver this part, but using Python to begin with is absolutely acceptable.
  • Haskell for the frontend, specifically using vty for the UI.
  • Vim, Yi, or any other old terminal-based editor to write email.

I’m confident vty has enough functionality. I’ve played with libgmail enough to be confident it offers enough access to mail data to do most everything I want from a client (the missing part is sending PGP/MIME messages, but sending mail through Google’s SMTP server is a workable solution). I’ve just started looking at options for mail parsing in Haskell, identifying three and already discarding one…

Yes, it’s all vapourware at this point, but hey, I can dream, right?

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