Slightly embarrassed about continuations...

Recently I’ve spent some time trying to understand continuations better. First off I have to admit to being a bit daft because it was only recently that I realised that call-with-current-continuation (call/cc in Scheme and callCC in Haskell) actually means “call foo with the current execution point as continuation” rather than “call foo with the continuation passed to the current function”. Well, there’s no way to explain it besides daftness I guess, even though I’d like to think that my decision to look at continuations in Haskell (callCC) to learn about them (the Cont monad just might have confused me somewhat). I really should have started by looking at continuations in Scheme (call/cc). The best description I’ve come across so far is Applications of Continuations.

I still find it somewhat confusing, as can be seen in my latest use of hpaste, but it’s somewhat clearer now than before. At least I seem to be able to almost reason my way through code I write myself, but doesn’t do what I expect :-)

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