Links and stuff (3/8/2007)

It’s been a while but my list of links to put out there is starting to get a bit too long.

Here’s another example of how wrong the patent system is. We really don’t need software patents in Europe! There seems to be some hope for the situation in the States though. We need more stories like that!

Some Linux related things. I suppose “military intelligence” isn’t such an oxymoron after all, at least not in Sweden. If you want to learn Linux, here are some tips. If you are so unfortunate as to be a Linux user forced to work on Windows then here are some tips for you.

There’s always some interesting things going on in the DRM world. How’s this for a story? Large music company sticks dodgy software from small company on CDs so that their customers’ unwittingly installs said software when trying to play the CD on their computer. Then it turns out that the software is dodgy and the large company is taken to court in class action suits all over the world. Now, who’s to blame? The large company that made the amazingly bad decision to treat their customers like criminals? Not if you’re Sony! Here’s a bonus article on DRM, a bit of scare mongering surrounding Microsoft’s use of “trusted computing”. Yes, technology can be used in bad ways, but I doubt even Microsoft would be able to stick to such a bad use of technology for long. Call me an optimist! I’m hopelessly late. Here’s an excellent explanation of why DRM is so hard from a technical POV.

I’ve been hoarding links on how to opt out of the NHS database here in the UK. They could turn out to be useful.

I doubt I’ll ever need this.

Looking to become a maintainer of some free software? Look no further.

If you live in the UK and shop online you should know your rights.

A funny story about security.

How’s this for ending on a funny/happy note? It seems the RFID tags in passports can be used to crash the RFID readers.

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