Random stuff, 2007-06-14

Just after being added to Planet Haskell I changed the theme of WP ((I had made a manual change to the old theme that really didn’t belong on a Planet. It can only be described as discrimination against IE users.)) but as always with themes there were things I didn’t really like. I was happy to notice that this time I’d chosen a theme written by someone who knew English which was a relief since the previous theme was commented and even contained id names in Spanish. Still, modifying the theme, especially the style sheet, is a pain. Then I found Firebug. Let’s just say I’m never going to bother looking through the style sheet for a theme again without first having found the exact line number by using Firebug. It’s simply a brilliant add-on for Firefox.

After talking to a mate I dropped enable-ssh-support in ~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf and stopped using ssh-agent altogether. The Debian developers seem to have anticipated this and there’s full support for this in the scripts in /etc/X11/Xsession.d/. Excellent!

I’ve finally taken the time to look into getting the webcam that I bought from OpenForEveryone working. After a false start with spca5xx–it doesn’t build on recent kernels–I built a kernel module for gspca. Firing up Camorama revealed that the cam was indeed working, however colours, contrast and brightness was all screwed up and couldn’t be changed. Later that turned out to be a problem with Camorama rather then with the cam itself; it works perfectly well in Ekiga.

I’ve also signed up for a SIP account at ekiga.net. I can now be reached on sip:magnus.therning@ekiga.net.

Bill Mill

Firebug does indeed rock, but make sure you leave it disabled when you’re not using it.

Something was slowing down my FF horribly, and I couldn’t figure it out, until I disable Firebug and it was like a breath of fresh air.

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