PaiMei on Python 2.5

The PaiMei page says that you need Python 2.4, which turns out to be true due to it shipping with a compiled for Python 2.4 version of pydasm. Of course it’s possible to compile pydasm yourself, it’s even fairly easy just as long as you have the correct version of Visual Studio installed. You could also use the utterly unofficial build I’ve made available here. Not even I know if I’m to be trusted though ;-). Use at own risk, and all that.

So, the steps are:

  1. Install Python 2.5 off
  2. Install pydasm
  3. Install PaiMei
  4. Remove PaiMei’s version of pydasm (c:\python25\site-packages\paimei\pydasm.pyd) to be sure the correct one is used.

Oh, I probably should say that I’ve only been using the core functionality of PaiMei (pydbg and pydbg_core). There may be other dependencies on Python 2.4 in PaiMei that I haven’t stumbled upon!

Paolo Palumbo

Well, the easier way to make the prebuilt version of pydasm to work with python 2.5 is simply to take any binary editor and change the name of the loaded dll in the binary code. Using HIEW, for example, just load the file, search for the string “python24.dll” and patch one single byte to have “python25.dll” - then save the file. It will work as a charm (even if on startup it will display a warning, but who cares :P).

I hope this helps ;)

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