It is fair, at least for now...

I think it’d be better if Microsoft’s security specialists concentrated on improving security in their products (and possibly write about how they do it) rather than trying to make the rest of the world feel sorry for them. I’m sorry, but full disclosure is the fairest we have at the moment.

Microsoft sits on a reported vulnerability for months, releases patch when it becomes a 0-day. As I write this Microsoft is sitting on a few publically known vulnerabilities in Office (0-days as well) that have been known for a while now.

So, until companies start behaving I think full disclosure is fair. It seems to be the only way of forcing delivery of security to paying customers at the moment. When there’s a sign that the business as a whole can function without FD I’ll be the first to argue against it; at the moment though it seems to be our only hope.

FD ➜ ’ bad PR ➜ ’ declining share price and sales ➜ ’ security fixes

Some companies seem to be on the verge of understanding this and taking it to heart. (Microsoft has understood it, but doesn’t seem to have found its heart just yet.)

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