On the "divorce scenario" in DRM...

It’s always fun to find things mentioned in articles that I’ve heard discussions about, or even in some cases discussed myself, years ago. Here’s a piece on DVB’s CPCM. I heard of the “divorce scenario” during my time at Philips. It was fun to see how really smart people would point out that this scenario was largely unsolved in most DRM solutions and then go on trying to “solve” it. In the meantime they totally missed the real point.

The “divorce scenario” is simply the first of a large set of issues that DRM systems will have to “solve” in order to fit with how our societies work and how people interact socially. I believe that there are several other scenarios that need special attention within a DRM system, I also belive many of those scenarios are tied to culture. This leads me to believe that if one wants a DRM system to gain acceptance in all the locations where DVB has been choosen as a standard then one ends up with a DRM without DRM!

That divorce came up as a special case shows what happens when you let smart, but very technical people create standards that will end up interacting with people’s social life. It’ll most likely be tailored for situations common among white people living in the northern hemisphere.

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