Epilicious and ma.gnolia.com

As I’ve told before del.icio.us can be a very fickle partner to interact with. Lately I’ve again started seeing obstinate behaviour from del.icio.us and yesterday I finally got around to adding support for ma.gnolia.com to epilicious. They support an API that is “del.icio.us compatible” (I believe there are some things missing, but everything epilicious needs is there) so adding the feature was extremely simple.

So far it’s not quite complete, there is no GUI to change the backend store you’ll have to interact with GConf directly, other parts of the GUI lie by still referring to del.icio.us even though ma.gnolia.com is being used. However, the backend is working and the only problem so far seems to be that ma.gnolia.com returns badly formatted XML at times (still haven’t investigated it thoroughly to say anything definite).

I haven’t pushed the changes into any of my repos yet. The only way to get it is by using the epiphany-extension-epilicious-pre package in my APT repo. Debian Sid users can simply install the package, others will have to use the source.


Very nice! I like Ma.gnolia a lot.

One of the things I like about them is their support for OpenID. Too bad that not many third party apps take that into account… ;)



I wasn’t aware of that. I’ll have to look into using OpenID in epilicious for ma.gnolia.com then.

At the moment I’m kind of cheating; I’m using their del.icio.us-compatible API. I do have plans to add support for their “proper” API.

I’m also interested in adding support for Google Bookmarks, but that’ll have to wait a bit I think.


I wrote (the very friendly) Ma.gnolia support and here’s the reply:

“… we won’t have a solution for authorizing applications with just an OpenID until the summer. For now, that leaves us with the username/password method, but we do recognize the need.”

If I understand correctly, their application access doesn’t allow OpenID logins right now. I’m insterested in this since I’d like to use mobilicio.us on my phone to access my ma.gnolia bookmarks but they have the same problem.

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