Epilicious 0.11

I’ve been sitting on a few changes for a while now and now I’ve finally rolled them into a release version. Get it in the normal place.


Hello, I found a bug (I presume it is)

I can reproduce it:

  1. Configure epilicious with login, password and a tag that I will named: test
  2. Now synchronize your bookmarks.
  3. Change the tag name: test2
  4. Synchronize again and the process will fail.

I tried some kinds of configuration:

Deleting all the bookmarks in epiphany and using a tag with a compound name (hum)

I also tested again with a tag “test” and it was working.

I’m using a patched epiphany from the gnome 2.16.1 release and epilicious 0.11



Thanks. Would it be possible for you to raise this as a bug in GNOME’s Bugzilla instead? It would make it a lot easier for me to track that way.


I’m a little new to these bug reports, so I ask you before I register at <gnome.bugzilla.org>. Could you tell me where I must report the bug? Is there a specific section for epilicious?


To make it working again, I must delete the older epilicious (epilicious_old) file in my /.gnome2/epiphany folder.

I hope it will help you to track that bug



Yes, there is a section for epilicious, you’ll find it under epiphany-extensions.


rodgersan, as the “Bugzilla tip” says:

UNCONFIRMED means that this bug has yet to be triaged, but still may have been seen and/or actively worked on by the developer. Due to the high amount of bugs filed every day it may take a while before someone triages this bug.

In short, it’ll be confirmed as soon as I get around to reproduce it.

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