Podcasts I no longer listen to

  • The security catalyst—in the end it was simply too vague and a bit too “managerial” to suit me.
  • PaulDotCom Security Weekly—spending 90 minutes a week listening to 3-4 friends (not mine) drinking beers, talking about security-related news snippets you’ve already read and sometimes making wildly inaccurate claims regarding the security of MacOSX/Windows/Linux. Thanks but no thanks! I have better things to do with my time.

Michael Santarcangelo

Sorry to see you go!

I can understand the “managerial” comment, since I’m entirely focused on helping people change perceptions and improve their performance - which is often misunderstood as being something along the lines of managerial. And it might not be a good fit for you.

I don’t really understand the vague comment, especially since we are now focusing each episode and working through series on awareness, encryption solutions, Identity management solutions and such. I would have expected a comment that it got too focused, but too vague wasn’t expected.

If you care to share some comments with me, drop me an email. Regardless, thanks for the time you did listen and keep up the good work!


Paul Asadoorian

Sorry to see you go as well. We stand by our format, and have been growing steadily since we’ve started. For most, the “3-4 friends (not mine) drinking beers, talking about security-related news snippets” seems to work really well. We have a new focus on technical segments and try to include at least one in every show. I’d love to hear some suggestions, and further qualification of “wildly inaccurate claims regarding the security of MacOSX/Windows/Linux”.




After a short exchange of emails with Michael I listened to one more of his podcasts. I do see the point he’s making in his comment and recognise that the format has changed a bit. It’s definately more focused (the one I listened to was on patching your computer system). I won’t go back to listening regularly though since I simply don’t have the time but if I remember I’ll try to check in every now and then to see what he’s up to :-)

Oh, one more thing. If “non-computer” people ask about how to handle security on their computers I’ll make sure to point them to SecurityCatalyst and Michael’s podcast.



I’m glad the format is working for you, I really am. It’s just not working for me. The signal-to-noise ratio is too low for me and given that each show is clocking in at 60-90 minutes, it’s just taking too much time. I walk to work so I need something short and it’s a “traffic calmed area” so I don’t have any problem with concentrating on what I’m listening to :-)

I have to admit I could have qualified the comment about the “wildly inaccurate claims”. It’s mostly Twitchy, really. IIRC he said he didn’t have to worry about format-string vulnerabilities in his Usenet reader because it runs in the terminal. For all the bashing of smug MacOSX users on the show I’m surprised you haven’t bashed the smug Linux user you have on the show. And yes, I’m a Linux user myself.

There have been other times when I’ve been turning heads while walking to work because I’ve been commenting out loud on some things said in the show. I can’t recollect any details at the moment but one discussion involving JavaScript and compilers made me wish I where there just to be able to smack you all on the head for the strange statements you made. Some of the worst ones came from the one of you who’s taken a university course on compilers.

Really though, it’s the signal-to-noise ratio that have me disabling the feed in my podcatcher.

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