Misc thoughts

During the trip to Sweden I’ve had a few thoughts I thought I’d “put out there”.

The Americans really ought to raise a statue honoring Hitler. Yes, I’m (almost) serious. I don’t think USA would be as strong as it is today if it weren’t for the brain drain from Europe to America that Hitler caused. I also can’t help thinking that it’s a shame they didn’t go to Canada instead…

Haskell is a great language, the only bad thing about it is it’s strength. Recently I came across some code using HXT. Haskell allows creation of something that can almost be called mini-languages due to it allowing the programmer to create new in-fix functions. This means that in many cases Haskell forces me to read documentation on a library/toolkit before being able to even guess at the meaning of some functions. I like it and get frustrated by it at the same time :)

Way back in the day many countries found it necessary to separate the church and the state. Maybe we’re ready to separate the “market” and the state now? I get something dreamy in my eyes when thinking of a future where politicians don’t govern based on their own, often short-term, financial gain.

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