Alingsås in the winter...

Well, we’re back in rainy, dreary Cambridge after a week and a half in rainy, dreary Alingsås. But hey! It was Christmas and we got to spend it with family. The weather really isn’t that important then. Though it would have been nice with snow on the 23rd when we went to Liseberg to see the lights. Also I wouldn’t have minded a dry New Years Eve, walking from the restaurant to the car is so much better than sprinting through heavy rain.

The trip was great. Thea was in great shape and it was good I had been keeping up with the gym during the autumn. Novah was adorable, just as the last time. My sister was tired, but who can blame her? Her partner seemed to attract bugs like crazy. My brother and his partner were great as always. Both sets of parents were going strong. We even got to see my aunt and uncle, my cousins and their kids. Great! What more can one desire for the holidays? Not much, I tell you!


I’m glad you had a great time! You and Dita were great too! ;-)

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