Bye, bye, wallet!

After an hour in a class at the gym I came back to the locker to find the lock gone and my trousers and jacket missing. After a little while my brain wrapped itself around the situation and I stuffed what was left in the locker in my bag and went out to ask in reception if anyone had handed in my missing garments. No such luck, but one of the “gym people” went back with me to the locker room to inspect the locker. After a quick look around we opened a few unlocked ones and promptly found both my trousers and my jacket. The only thing missing was my wallet. The thief hadn’t taken my car keys, my house keys, my MP3 player, or my wedding ring. All of which were in my trousers. Apparently he (no stereo-typing here, it was a men’s locker room) was satisfied with my wallet, which contained exactly £0, a single debit card, a driving license, a few store cards, a gym membership card, and a few other bits and bobs of only emotional value (e.g. an adorable picture of my wife when she was a kid).

It’s all been reported to the police, despite the obvious lack of value of what was stolen. The bank has blocked the card and they told me of a failed attempt to use it about 20 minutes before I noticed the theft. Now all I have to do is go through the tedious procedure of replacing the stuff and fill a new wallet. Oh, I also need to buy a new wallet. Given that I’ve been semi-looking for a wallet for the last 6 months but haven’t found one to my liking I might have to lower my standards and buy one that doesn’t meet my exacting standards. Well, well… poor me!

It seems I was lucky, another poor bloke lost house keys, car keys (including the car it turned out), and a wallet with considerably more valuable stuff than I keep in mine.

Come to think of it I might also buy a more serious lock than the one sold by the gym, they do look a little weak. I hope this isn’t a new trend, I really like that gym and it’s not practical to carry valuables with you into the sauna…

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