Epilicious moved to darcs

I’ve switched from bzr to darcs for all my version management needs. I’ve decided to also move my already existing projects to darcs. First out is epilicious. From now on the following should be used to get the release and development branches respectively:

% darcs get http://therning.org/magnus_darcs/epilicious
% darcs get http://therning.org/magnus_darcs/epilicious.dev

I decided not to take any history with me, I could have used tailor but decided not to, after all this is a very small project. Also, I’m keeping the old history for the time being, it’s in the old place:

% bzr get http://www.therning.org/magnus_bzr/epilicious/
% bzr get http://www.therning.org/magnus_bzr/epilicious.dev/


Any reason why?


phaero, not really, only that I like darcs better. :-)

Both bzr and darcs are non-centralised. Branches are easy to make. I find that communicating patches in darcs is a little easier. I like darcs’ UI better than bzr’s, it has less commands, but doesn’t seem to miss any functionality.

The only down-side with darcs is that it isn’t “clever” in pushing, with that I mean that it requires a server on the receiving side, something bzr doesn’t. On the other hand that’s easily solved using sshfs.

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