Some epilicious comments...

I just received a trackback for my epilicious page. James (who I don’t know at all) apparently tried out epilicious, but didn’t end up using it, instead he wrote deliciony. So, anyone who’s looking at epilicious, but finds it not quite to their liking, maybe it’s worth checking out.

I just have to tell you James that I would have loved hearing what makes you say that epilicious is “prone to bugs” and exactly what you tried getting it to do. Without knowing that I can’t improve on it. Especially since I’m having no problems at all with epilicious and haven’t had for months now. But hey! Since I’m the author of the thing I would have made some changes if it weren’t delivering for me. :-)

Reinout van Schouwen

Hi Magnus,

I’m trying to make a epiphany-extensions 2.17 release and maybe include epilicious. My questions are: is the patch from bug #352082 still applicable? and could it be integrated with the delicious toolbar button extension from ross burton?

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