LugRadio, s4e5

Well, since it seems some of the hosts of LugRadio don’t have the time to read emails in their entirety on the show while at the same time lacking the ability to properly read email and present the gist of it in fewer words1 I’m posting the latest email I sent them.

We don’t need proprietary media codecs on the Linux desktop. Just wait and Microsoft will in fact do all the work for us. Their current death march into DRM land, while holding TPM and NGSCB by their hands, can only end in one way–consumer revolt. As I see it one of two things will happen, either the computer will lose its status as a media-playing device and go back to being a semi-functional time-wasting device, or it will start making economic sense to Hollywood to stop trying to hang themselves by the neck. In clearer terms, Microsoft will either make sure its so cumbersome to watch a DVD on Windows, or consumer will stop buying content because they can’t do what they want with it. If the former happens then the reason for watching media on Linux goes away alltogether, if it’s the latter then a well-timed push for Free Software (and possible patent reform) will make it possible to develop a truly Free desktop where you can watch your DVDs legally. Either way, Linux prevails.

Aq for prime minister of Great Britain and leader of the free world!

  1. It doesn’t mean I’ll stop sending them emails, it just means that in the future I’ll try to be a bit more careful with wording. I can’t expect Aq (Stuart Langridge) to read all my emails, so expressing complicated arguments might also be something I’ll have to avoid.↩︎

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