Code commenting tool?

Dear lazy web,

I’ve been searching for a tool that lets me attach comments to text files. What I inted to use it for is commenting on code. The things I’d like to see in it are

  1. Keeping original text (i.e. the source) separate from the comments.
  2. A way to “export” the text and comments in a single document for sharing with others. It’d be ideal if the format was HTML.

It would be a nice-to-have if the tool aided in moving comments from one revision to the next.

When asking on a Debian mailing list it was suggested that a VCS would allow me to keep comments in the original text itself. While it would be doable I’d really like to have something that’s a little less bare-bones.

After hearing about the GPL3 drafting process I’m more and more thinking that a similar way of commenting on code, i.e. online using a browser, would be a good way of doing it. ([Here] is draft 2 of GLP3 with comments.)

So, does anyone out there now any tool like this, or will I be forced to write one myself?

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