What's bad about Ubuntu

The only really bad thing with Ubuntu is that they release every 6 months. This means that every 6 months the web is flodded with articles about installing Ubuntu; articles about what’s good, articles about what’s bad, articles about how to fix what’s bad and thereby showing that Ubuntu still is good, articles about upgrading, articles about installing on a clean system, articles about Ubuntu changing lives, articles about how installing Ubuntu saves a kitten…

If this continues the web will become useless. Seriously, it will!

Andrew Conkling

Call me an Ubuntu fanboy, but I don’t really think that’s Ubuntu’s fault; people are eager to jump at any chance for a bit of attention. (Really, they should be posting to the Ubuntu wiki/forums, except for reviews.)

Also, doesn’t this blog post just add to the mess? (I may have secured myself a one-way ticket to silence on therning.org here. ;)


You are quite right. It isn’t Ubuntu’s fault. :-)

However, I find it amazing just how much attention each release of Ubuntu gets. Since the releases happen every 6 months that means a clear spike twice a year. I don’t see Fedora/SuSE/Debian get the same kind of attention when they release.

Well, well, it’s the web. I’d go crazy if I tried making sense out of it…

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