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Yes, hpodder is awesome.

Theo de Raadt sometimes has some very good things to say. His way of saying it is always entertaining though.

The US politicians have been busy. First they claim space. I predict it’s only a matter of time before DHS is given jurisdiction over space, effectively making the US an intergalactic power. At the same time they’ve been busy signing away the single most important idea in the US body of law, separation of powers, making US the Fourth Reich. It seems Constitution 2.0 is now a reality.

The UK can’t afford to be any worse. At least there is some discussion of our loss of liberty. Get yourself a suspected terrorist badge, or order a t-shirt:

I wonder how long it’ll take until the message reaches the media and the politicians. Solve the basic problem rather than patching up the symptoms. Identity fraud will remain a growing problem as long as it’s possible easy to “become someone” by using documents that are sent regularly through the mail (i.e. bills).

Andrew Conkling

This post is chock full of awesome goodness. Thanks for a bunch of good links. Keep ’em coming.

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