What's wrong with the English when it comes to bathrooms?

Now, what’s wrong with the following:

  1. A hand-held shower in a bath tub.
  2. No shower curtain.
  3. Partial tiling around the bath tub, exposing dry wall at about 1 metres height.
  4. Thick, lush carpet on the floor.

Everything is wrong! If you don’t see that every one of those things, taken in isolation, is wrong then you’re most probably English! And, no! Four wrongs don’t make a right!

The amazing thing is that I’ve just described a large number of bathrooms in newly built homes in the area where we live. And they seem to be in use. I don’t see how, unless you shower in fetal position.

Andrew Conkling

This was the same for me in Austria, with the addition of evil #5: a slanted ceiling about 4 feet high. It’s like they expect me to sit and to spray myself. :(

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