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Am I the only one who finds this absolutely terrifying?

If you haven’t seen DCLugi’s Snakes On A Plane auditions on YouTube you need to!

Bruce Schneier reported on this a while ago, I need to keep the link around. What to do when your neighbour is using your internet.

Our “honourable” EU politicians are finally worrying about the right things when it comes to Microsoft. Microsoft is all about lock-in, they’ll use security to achieve it if they can. Microsoft is of course responding. I wonder if they’re ever going to inhabit the same world as I am? Vista creating 100000 new jobs? Only if changing the title of a position from “Windows XP Developer/Administrator/Shithead” to “Windows Vista Developer/Administrator/Shithead” counts as “creating a new job”. I think Linux Journal is too kind when they call it Microsoft’s Masterpiece FUD. I think it only shows just how desperate Microsoft is to get Vista out the door.

Digital Rights Ireland are challenging the Data Retention Directive. I hope they are successful, I don’t there are many citizens in Europe who would be sad to see that invasive directive go away.

A good article on “open vs. closed” from the Financial Times—A closed mind about an open world. FT is increasingly “getting it”.

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when reading this article trusted computing—Trusted computing a shield against worst attacks?. Let me see if I got it right. Phoneix Technologies, who happen to make a TPM module, pays analyst firm Trusted Strategies to have a report on digital attacks done. Then, surprisingly, the analysts come back and say that a TPM would have stopped most of those attacks. Who would ever read and put any faith in a report like this? Besides other analysts of course. I can’t help but think that the computer analyst firms are locked in a circle-jerk that’s paid for by computer companies. It is a very strange world we live in.

Thinking of writing a media app in Python? This seems like a good place to start.

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