Being st00pid with lspci

This wasn’t a serious mistake and the only reason it took a while to sort out was my amazing thickness.

I had removed pciutils (and thereby lspci) from the system thinking that “now everything works, so I won’t ever need it again”. Just to show me the error of my ways the benevolent Debian decided to punish me by not giving me network. It turned out that Linux’ excellent support for a multitude of network cards worked against me on this one—which one to insert? After several uninspired thoughts I had an inspired one. Brute force! Insert them all!

    cd /lib/modules/2.6.17-2-686/kernel/drivers/net
    for f in *.ko; do insmod $f; done

A few error messages later I tried ifup eth0, and it worked :-) Quick download of pciutils. Now I know the machine in question requires eepro100 to get network. I recorded that in /etc/modules.

At the moment I’m having a hard time resisting removing pciutils. I mean, now everything works, I won’t ever need it again, right?

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