Some stuff (30/08/2006)

I enjoyed reading this article on how an XSS attack works. I’ve always just done the alert("Game over!") XSS which isn’t really an attack at all, just a proof that there’s a possibility for an attack.

That trusted computing is bad for consumers is something I’ve known for a while, but apparently TC is bad for security as well. Every security measure has its side effects, I’m not convinced this one is unintended though.

Here’s a prime example of just how bad laws like DMCA can be. If this holds up we basically allow the law to force us backwards in time. (I just have to sneak in Cory’s excellent write-up on Europe’s broadcasting flag here.)

Network neutrality is a complicated subject. Ed Felten has done a lot lately to clarify things for me with his Nuts and Bolts of Network Neutrality. I still have to find the time to look through his blog a bit more carefully.

Why is this such big news? An update for Ubuntu broke X. Boohoo! I bet most people complaining don’t have a shadow of a leg to stand on in this. They don’t pay, they don’t contribute, they only bitch in the forums/mailinglists/blogs/etc. It only took 8 hours to fix!

Just in case the UK government wants a good reason to not introduce bloody ID cards and national databases to keep records of everything everyone does—here it is!

Looking to replace M$ Office? Here are a few MS Office killers.

I wouldn’t mind having my desktop look like this!

I’ve actually wondered how to uniquify a list in Python for a long time. ;-)

Python is moving up, or maybe it’s down, I don’t know.

Want to learn Python and PyGTK? This blog on learning Python seems like a good place to get inspired.

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