Flying as we know it is gone...

Well, at least it seems it is. I’m wondering when they will release all the information to the public so that we can see if Aigarius’ rant comes true.

Apparently Heathrow is being sued by one company. From a business perspective it makes sense to pass on the bill. As a private person I don’t really care though, since I know in the end it’ll be me and all other “small people” that end up footing the bill. Whether it’s through higher ticket prices (preferable) or through tax money (not nearly as good a solution, but very probable given the pro-business climate in this country). No matter what I’ll end up paying for this whole mess.

If this is indicative of how the terror-antiterror race (sorry, but no, it’s not a war) is going to be fought then I think we might have to rename the worse guys (both sides are pretty bad as it is, but one side is still holding on to the rhetoric and at least pretend to be doing this for the common good). Terrorists will in the future be referred to as “inconvenientists”.

RyanAir must be rather happy with the situation. They’ve been charging for checking in luggage for a while now and they are raising the prizes on September 1. With the new limits for handluggage they stand to benefit. Which reminds me, we have a flight in September, booked a few months back. I wonder if they will let us amend our ticket so we can avoid the £7 charge for checking in a single bag?

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