SSL in WordPress?

I wonder what howto on Wolfgang’s talking about. I’ve been trying to get an SSL certificate onto my blog as well, but that didn’t seem possible at the time.

(I would have left a comment on the entry itself if I didn’t have to log in. Why on earth would I want to create an account of another person’s blog?)



maybe it wasn’t on the codex, but on the developer pages or on some other blog - I forgot. But the “solution” was to point the wordpress url to https, while the blog url stays at http in the options. Of course you have to set up Apache to listen to port 443 first, so your best bet would be with an own (virtual) server.

Problem is: now the CSS stylesheet, and things like these get loaded with https for normal readers of your page, which is not only totally unneccessary, but also in my case gives them “error messages”, since I use a free CAcert cert. So I disabled it for the moment, waiting for WP2.1, which should have secure admin access built in.

Oh, and I allow responses on my pages now (also on the new community blog

Cheers, and thanks for your comment, Wolfgang


My first thought was actually to put my entire site behind an SSL cert, not only the admin stuff. However some links didn’t “inherit” https which meant a lot of warnings regarding “mixed security”. That was irritating.

I guess SSL is really only needed for the admin stuff though. It’s good that WP will have support for it in the next version.

Thanks for the pointer to I’ll point my RSS reader to it :-)

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