Epilicious is not well

I noticed yesterday that synching was failing due to some bug in pydelicious. That was the last straw and now pydelicious is being chucked out of epilicious. It is a module written by Frank Timmerman, and it can be found here (when it isn’t totally infested with Wiki spam anyway). I was happy to be able to use it for as long as I have since it allowed me to concentrate on other parts of epilicious. Now however epilicious is working fine but pydelicious isn’t. I am not interested in fixing pydelicious since I think it’s a bit of mess and it’d be difficult for me not to do a clean-up at the same time :-) That would most likely take more time than writing something custom made for epilicious.

I’ve written a minimal Python module that offers exactly as much of the del.icio.us API as epilicious needs. If someone’s interested in extending it into a more full-fledged del.icio.us module—be my guest. You can find it in the development BZR repo (libepilicious/delicious.py).

I’ll be making another release of epilicious ASAP.

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