Compiling GNOME 2.15.4 using jhbuild

The other day I had some problems early on when trying to compile from GNOME CVS using jhbuild. From a sudden surge in brain activity I got the idea to build a release of the development version of GNOME—the 1.15.x series—the lates one is 2.15.4.

I got some help from Elijah Newren’s post on compiling GNOME with jhbuild. Using the links from the release notice on FootNotes I got as far as

% jhbuild bootstrap

without problems. Then I got stuck:

% jhbuild -m \
>  \
> build
jhbuild build: dependent module "libdaemon" not found
usage: jhbuild [ -f config ] command [ options ... ]

My first thought was that installing the Debian package libdaemon0 might solve it. Of course it didn’t. Then I remembered that during bootstrap Python 2.4.3 was downloaded and installed, despite being installed on my system already. Not too much of a surprise then that libdaemon0 didn’t do any good.

After looking at jhbuild modulesets for previous releases as well as the bleeding CVS moduleset I got an idea. I saved the 2.15.4 moduleset locally and modified freedesktop-2.15.4.modules to include the following lines:

<tarball id="libdaemon" version="0.10">
  <source href="" />
  <branch checkoutdir="libdaemon" module="trunk" repo=""/>

It’s compiling rather happily at the moment so I’m optimistic… I’ll add a note if things go pear-shaped…


Oh, yes. It did go pear-shaped :( So far I’ve found out that libgdbm-dev should be installed in oredr for the python bindings for gdbm to be compiled (I really don’t like that sort of auto-magic—configuration should be explicit so that I can control what gets built, inspecting the system and building depending on what’s available is simply WRONG).

I’ll be posting the changes I had to make to the moduleset later on…


Still haven’t gotten through the whole thing :( Damn! Small changes here and there in the moduleset is needed, and a rather big one (libxklavier 2.91 instead of 2.2).

Now I’m stuck on yelp (package 83 out of 133). It needs gecko, but doesn’t like what it finds… changing the configuration doesn’t seem to help either :(

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