Compiling GNOME 2.15.4 using jhbuild

The other day I had some problems early on when trying to compile from GNOME CVS using jhbuild. From a sudden surge in brain activity I got the idea to build a release of the development version of GNOME—the 1.15.x series—the lates one is 2.15.4.

I got some help from Elijah Newren’s post on compiling GNOME with jhbuild. Using the links from the release notice on FootNotes I got as far as

% jhbuild bootstrap

without problems. Then I got stuck:

% jhbuild -m \
>  \
> build
jhbuild build: dependent module "libdaemon" not found
usage: jhbuild [ -f config ] command [ options ... ]

My first thought was that installing the Debian package libdaemon0 might solve it. Of course it didn’t. Then I remembered that during bootstrap Python 2.4.3 was downloaded and installed, despite being installed on my system already. Not too much of a surprise then that libdaemon0 didn’t do any good.

After looking at jhbuild modulesets for previous releases as well as the bleeding CVS moduleset I got an idea. I saved the 2.15.4 moduleset locally and modified freedesktop-2.15.4.modules to include the following lines:

<tarball id="libdaemon" version="0.10">
  <source href="" />
  <branch checkoutdir="libdaemon" module="trunk" repo=""/>

It’s compiling rather happily at the moment so I’m optimistic… I’ll add a note if things go pear-shaped…

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