New release of epilicious coming up

Since it’s been some time since the 0.8 release of epilicious and I’ve been doing some work on it lately I thought it’s time for a release soon. I should be able to get around to it in a day or two.

I went over the translations and realised that they’re all going to be out of date when I make the release. Reading through the document on L10N Guidelines for Developers I considered sending a POT file to the Translation Project. I didn’t send an email for two reasons:

  1. Epilicious contains 18 translatable strings. It just feels like it doesn’t belong with apps like xchat.
  2. I’m still hoping I’ll be able to get it into GNOME CVS at some point as an official plugin for epiphany. Then the GNOME Translation Team would get involved but unfortunately they won’t touch it until it’s in GNOME CVS.

For now I’ve uploaded the POT file. Please, please, send me a translation!

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