Abandoning OpenBox for MetaCity

For a long time I used Sawfish as my WM. It wasn’t the official GNOME WM, and it did falter in its GNOME compatibility in places. On the whole though it was a good WM, and most importantly, it was programmable. Comparing a tool that’s configurable to a tool that’s programmable is like comparing a KinderEgg toy to a box of Lego. I programmed Sawifish to let me control windows extensively using no mouse.

Then Sawfish stopped being actively maintained.

Rather than holding on to a piece of software that was falling more and more out of date I made a switch to OpenBox(OB). OB is configurable. This meant that some of the things I was used to do with Sawfish wasn’t achievable in OB, at least not without some serious hacking on the code. However, there are a few things that irritate me with OB. Nautilus, in its spatial view, will only open a single window for a specific location. When a location is opened a second time the already opened window is “re-used”. In OB this results in a switch of workspace, i.e. I’m spirited away to whatever workspace the window is on at the moment, leaving behind all the windows for the task I’m currently occupied with. Less than ideal I’d say. The ideal would be if the Nautilus window was moved to the current workspace instead. Then of course I miss some of the functionailty I programmed myself in Sawfish, OB just doesn’t offer the same level of control over windows as I had programmed into Sawfish.

I’ve decided my OB days are over, time for MetaCity.

I’ve always shunned away from MetaCity. It’s even less configurable than OB and there is no way I’ll be comfortable using it for my WM. I can’t live without the keyboard control of windows! So, why switch? I’m hoping that’ll be obvious once I’ve posted the next blog entry :-)

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