Epilicious 0.8 released

It’s been a bit too long in the making but now it’s here :-) I just entered verion 0.8 of epilicious on GomeFiles. The APT package is available from my repo as well. Enjoy!

Reinout van Schouwen

Can you link to a NEWS/Changelog? Sorry I can’t testdrive it right now… Can the delicious user/pass be configured yet with a GUI?


I’d like to try your tool, but it doesn’t work… i don’t know why…

I can’t find anything in Internet…

I’m using Epiphany… where can i found something helping me?




First make sure you’ve read, understood, and followed the information in the README.

If you’ve already done that, and still are having problems then drop me an email. I find it a lot easier to discuss via email rather than via blog comments :) IM, Jabber, is another option, let me know your ID if you rather use that.


I have a little problem, my jabber id is greenkey@jabber80.com but if you prefer i can write a mail to you…

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