South East Asia tour, 2006 - part 2

The third part of hour trip was a short one, a one-day stop in Singapore. We checked in in-town at the train station in Hong Kong, a very convenient thing indeed, then took a train to the airport and boarded the Singapore Airlines plane to Singapore. The flight lasted 4 hours.

There is a world of difference between KLM and SIA. It’s in the small details and the extraordinary service. I can understand people who refuse to fly anything but SIA.

We arrived at our hotel after a short taxi ride. After a small mix-up with the room we got ready to hit the city. Xavier(X), Tris and Tim were in Singapore at the same time and we met up with X and Tim at the Raffles hotel for a few drinks. Tris was busy with her looks ;-) and didn’t arrive until a bit later.

They had made plans for dinner already so we split up. Dita and I walked to Chijmes and found a restaurant that served asian food. After dinner we walked to the river looking for a good bar to spend time waiting for X and parents to make another appearance. Apparently we managed to choose a dodgy bar, one that imports “entertainment girls” from Indonesia. How were we to know? We moved on to a bar with its own micro brewery.

All in all a wonderful day, despite the pressing heat and humidity, in Singapore. Amazingly cool to catch up with friends from Holland while travelling in South East Asia :-)

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