Bookmark sharing, firefox to epiphany and back again...

I’ve just found foxylicious and Jippie! now let me tell you why I’m so happy about that!

I use computers at home and at work. For a long time I kept on sending mails from work to my private email address with non-work-related links to check out at home. It also happened that I sent similar mails in the other directions with work-related links I stumbled across when at home. I’m currently using Epilicious to make it easier to share bookmarks between home and work. However, I’m forced to use Windows (as well as Linux) at work, and Epiphany doesn’t run on Windows. Using foxylicious I can now get those bookmarks into FireFox as well :-)

Lately I’ve started using several computers at work (well, really only two computers and a set of VirtualPC/VMWare images) and I want to share some pure-work bookmarks between them, here I’m talking about internal pages that are inaccessable from home–I don’t want them cluttering my bookmarks at home! This is where I’ve put to work, using it I can share work-only bookmarks between all the machines/images :-)

But all isn’t well. :( When on a Linux box, where Epiphany does run, I’m forced to use FireFox to get to the work-only bookmarks. I have two options for solving that:

  1. Get both foxylicious and Epilicious to work with multiple delicious accounts, or
  2. Make Epilicious work with the server.

The former requires some lobbying of the foxylicious author (I’ve already posted a comment on his blog :) ). The latter would only involve getting some information from Eric of AbstractMouse (he’s interested in adding plugins for more browsers), then the rest is up to me. The problem there though is how to map between Epiphany’s topics and FireFox’s hierarchies… I prefer the former! :)


Please add firefox cookies/bad web sites immunization in next version! Firefox 2 cannot reject third party cookies!!!!!!!!

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