Ubuntu Dapper in qemu (or rather no Ubuntu Dapper in qemu)

I received an email saying that epilicious didn’t work very well in epiphany 1.9.x. Since Debian isn’t packaging pre-releases of GNOME 2.14 I decided to try to get Ubuntu Dapper installed in a qemu image. I tried using the age-tested method of installing a stable version first (Breezy), and then upgrading to the unstable, not-yet-released version (Dapper).

It literally took hours to get Breezy installed. A small change of /etc/apt/sources.list later I was ready to move on to Dapper. More than 500 packages were needed to be downloaded for the upgrade. During the upgrade there was a conflict due to a file that had been moved from one package to another. There seemed to be no easy way out of the situation as the proposed solution (apt-get -f install) would remove the kernel itself. I gave up and I’ll be looking elsewhere to find a way to check out the GNOME pre-releases.

I’ve never had any problems at all taking a Debian system from stable to unstable. It has required a few steps sometimes, but I’ve always been able to rely on the packaging tools to take me from point A to point B. This really goes to show that Ubuntu, despite it’s origins, isn’t Debian.

I’m gaining more and more confidence that my decision to move back to Debian was the correct decision.

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